West Brookfield, Massachusetts

Founded 1848

Welcome to the West Brookfield, Massachusetts Genealogy site. West Brookfield, founded in 1848, is located in Worcester County and was part of a settlement known as Quaboag Plantation which dates back to 1660.

The purpose of this site is to provide resources for researchers to find and share genealogical information about people who lived in the town of West Brookfield. The site may be used at no cost, and individuals are encouraged to contribute information, photos, or other items of interest. Any family with West Brookfield connections may be included no matter when that family lived in town. I am contributing my database which includes a number of West Brookfield families, and will be adding some documents and photos to this database as time goes on. I also have hundreds of obituaries and marriage notices which due to copyright laws cannot be posted. I will gladly share if you email me with a request. (Just click on my name at the bottom of this page.)

Please visit the West Brookfield Genealogy Page. You do not need to log in in order to search the site.

West Brookfield Genealogy Project

Genealogy in West Brookfield, MA is a blog devoted to short biographies of West Brookfield people and other postings about various aspects of life in town.

Here are some links which I have found useful in my research.

West Brookfield Historical Commission
This site contains photos of historical places in town, biographies of important individuals with West Brookfield connections, information about veterans from the American Revolution to the Civil War and beyond, and many other interesting links.

Early Vital Records of Massachusetts to the end of 1849

Masschusetts Land Records
Research the history of your ancestor's property. It takes some practice and perseverance, but one may find important family information in property deeds.

Historic Map Works
View old residential maps on this site.

Quaboag Research
Many wonderful resources for Brookfield area research including historical newspapers.

Massachusetts Cultural Resource Information System
This sight contains interesting information for those researching properties and buildings in West Brookfield, includes locations, architectural elements, ownershipand photos.

John Ayers Biography

Josiah Henshaw Genealogy

Essay by J. A. Buxton

Find A Grave
Look for information posted for Pine Grove and Sacred Heart of Jesus cemeteries, or post your own data and photos on this site.

Quaboag Current
Read about recent events in the West Brookfield area.

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